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  • Ocean City Elementary School10

    Ocean City, MD | Worcester County

    August 9, 2010

    I have heard nothing but good things about OCES. Your Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence is outstanding. I respect your accomplishments. I am a OC taxpayer and I overheard a conversation about the supply list this summer. Requesting 15 glue sticks for Grade 1, 12 glue sticks for Kindergarten, 8 glue sticks for Pre K, 20 Ticonderoga pencils for K, and 30 Ticonderoga pencils for Grade 1 etc. seems to be a bit much. (That's just 2 items on the list of many ) Based on the number of tax payers in OC who do not have kids in the school system , the enormous supply list dealt to parents seems a hardship. Our tax dollars need to be redirected to your schools. As an educator in another county, your list should be reviewed and approved by the Board of Education.

    July 8, 2010

    An excellent school where parents involvement is very encouraged. We were faced with a very difficult situation this year, we found out that our younger child had a life threatening illness. Since we had to stay in a hospital for many days, our older child was not able to attend school for a month. Her teacher was very understanding and extremely helpful. She continued calling us frequently offering her words of encouragement and ensuring us that she will do everything to make sure that our child will do well even with this extended absence from school. We will be forever grateful.

    September 17, 2009

    I love this school the teachers are great respectful and my kids love it here as well!

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    January 15, 2009

    I honestly believe this school is a lot better then the one my child was in. My son came into oces in second grade and i was told by his teacher in the first week that he was there that he is well behind in his reading. Now my childs math is exceding into thrid grade material. But since the first of the year my child has improved and keeps thrivimg because of his teacher. It is a shame that this was never picked up before until he reached oces. I praise this school and hope my child gets what he needs there.

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    October 20, 2008

    I too, am feeling compelled to write this review due to the poor scores given by earlier parents. My children are now 14 and 11 and no longer go to OCES, but I have to say that they were shaped to be wonderful kids and great students by the staff and the system at OCES. The fact that they excel today stems from the early positive influence of the school (test score driven or not.) They continue to get straight As, and still to this day never ever want to miss school. They have become well rounded students and responsible human beings, so I would truly like to thank OCES for doing such a wonderful job of educating the children in our community. I agree that a school is and should always remain a school....and parenting is still an integral part of your childs overall education.

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    October 6, 2008

    This school is great. it has taught my kids so much i dont want to leave this school. the principal knows how to disapline and the school encourages reading definately the best in the county maybe even state!

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    January 3, 2008

    I have a first grader and a pre-K student at this school. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the administration and the teachers. My older child has an attention problem and the teacher was able to pick up on it within the first week of school and devise ways to help him pay attention. Since my child was not a disipline problem and he does well in school, he could have easily slipped through the cracks. My four year old loves the school so much he can not wait to go back each day. The class sizes are getting a bit large, but the teachers seem to handle it well. I love this school and the structure seems to be very conducive to learing.

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    December 19, 2007

    I have a 1st grader and a 2nd grader in this school. The class sizes are small and my kids are doing very well with the added structure. Some say the rules are a little tough, but my kids are accelling even though Mom and Dad are too much friends than disciplinarians. I love this school. PTA is very active.

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    November 17, 2007

    As a former student of this school I feel necessary to leave feed back because of what I feel is a low rating. From what I remember and through my mother, Ocean City Elementary was a safe and happy school that not only taught me what I needed to learn but went beyond that and I can easily say every teacher I had was awesome and impacted my life then and added positive enforcement and helped shape me into who I am today. The Principal encouraged reading and devised ways to make us want to read. Everyone was kept in line and disciplined in fair and wise ways. I will with out a doubt send my children to this school.

    October 16, 2007

    I find this school to be the best that my child has gone to! School is that, school! They are there to learn and get everything out of it that they can! For some reason, by these reviews, it seems parents are letting the teachers take the role of 'parenting'. They are educational providers, not the parent of the student! Be proud your child has such an awesome opportunity to develope their brain at such an early age! I have seen the difference in school systems (just recently) and I would choose no other!

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    September 3, 2007

    The pressure on both students and teachers is unreal...it's sad...it's hell

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    May 10, 2007

    The school does teach to the state test but the state curriculum is the state test so we can't blame teachers for their efforts to prepare our children for a test that they will have to take anywhere in the state.I commend the teaching staff for helping my child be prepared for a huge part of their education. Unfortunately the testing will continue through graduation so if you would like to put a positive spin on it maybe it is good that the students are learning the state standards. We could bash the teachers but really we should be contacting our senators and congressmen to let them know how awful all the new testing is.Teachers are bound by law. My child has had two wonderful years in third/forth grade. Both teachers were wonderful and both did differentiate education.As for the climate I think things could lighten up.

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    November 9, 2006

    OCES has high expectations for student achievment. OCES follows the MD State Voluntary Curriculum. The children learn to write a supportive paragraph in the early months of first grade. However, the OCES students learn to master this skill & therefore can achieve writing a supportive answer at a much younger age. The MSA requires 70% written work in order to pass the grade 3 test. The children must be able to write, cite and support even a basic 2+2 math problem. Creative writing can be further integrated depending on the classroom teacher, and fostered at home. A child who would otherwise be unable to compose a complete sentence can master a simple paragraph by the end of grade one. It's a lot of work with overwhelming results, mostly in the confidence of successful students. We like success.

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    July 24, 2006

    After five years at OCES, we are ready for a break. They give new meaning to 'teaching to the test'. My child received little if any science exposure in the fourth grade, but she can answer a question with a resounding 'I know this because...'. There is little if any differentiated instruction. MANY times she was told when she finished her (math) work to either put her head down or read. After many consultations with the teachers, they still taught to the middle. The students that fall above or below the median are on their own it seems. As for the principal, she's concerned, polite, and accommodating, when it suits her. She likes to hear herself lecture and have the students recite her favorite phrases. It's not cute, it's embarrassing.

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    January 24, 2006

    Very disapointing experience thus far. Test scores looked Great, everybody very busy patting themselves on back. I was excited to place my child here. Enthusiasm has waned. Personal responsibility of the students is preached, but not practiced. Behavior standards lower than my child and I are accustomed. Unfortunately, there is no emphasis on the development of the child or the strengths & weaknesses of the individual. My child is going to rough it out as a member of the blind herd until the end of the year. What a shame my child just lost a year of potential development. Private school will be a bargain compared to this 'free' education.

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